HarvestData.Today is all about you. You are the center of the universe for us.

We dearly care and like you because whole world is interested in you, your thoughts, what you buy, what you like, what you don't like and such stuff. It may seem trivial but make no mistake, as you read this, numerous people around you are digging deep into your data and trying to understand you better- all without your knowledge, consent or any benefit to you .

With your partnership , HD.T is creating a secure, encrypted platform that hides your identity and personal data while enabling analytics and contact-programms by different teams like political parties, FMCG companies, real-estate developers etc.

Complete & Secure Profile

At the heart of HD.T is your digital profile that describes you in as much details as you would like to share. No compulsions, ever!

HD.T is all about harvesting data for you, so we keep it as safe as money in the bank, no-not the banks of infamous jewelers, but safer & encrypted.

Preserve Your Digital Legacy

Your DATA is currency that fuels the economy! Everyone except You is benefiting from your own data. No one will tell you this because they want to continue benefiting from it. We, at HD.T, want you and your generations to preserve it and benefit from it.

Earn from Analytics & More

HD.T provides analytics, mailers, ads & survey to interested parties. With this they can reach you without knowing your identity and personal details. There are no APIs to access data, no reports. Nothing! No one ever sees your data except you.


We are building tools & network to harvest your data for you. Reach out to Preserve Your Digital Legacy & rewards!


There are many signs of your data being sold & misused. Promotion SMS, phone calls and email are result of unauthorized usage of your data by others. These are few visible indicators - tip of the iceberg! Deep, hidden from you is a billion-dollar economy that thrives on Your data. Where important decisions on products & services are driven by Your data, You are influenced with advertisements & mailers and much more. Much much more.

HarvestData.Today is driven to address and make this better with cutting-edge analytics and Customer (You) out-reach tools. Following are some of the reasons You must stake your claim!

Claim Whats Yours

You must claim your Digital Footprint & legacy to benefit from it. Just like stuff you own (property, car, soul...? Ok, may be not soul, but you get the idea) If you don't claim whats yours' You cannot stop others from misusing it.

Meaningful Engagement

Out of 16000 new FMCG products only 32 succeeded in 2016. Why? Because they didn't have means to talk to you directly! Outdated market research teams & tools, old/incorrect data were the cause. HD.T brings fresh, validated data and tools to help them succeed.

Richest Loyalty Program

Reward Points are hard to track & redeem. HD.T generates unlimited source of funds from analytics, surveys, promotions, advertisements and more. All shared handsomely with You.

Elections Engineering

Pre-poll analysis, "Sensitivity-analysis", advertisements, surveys and social-media posts are common tools used by different agencies accross different channels . HD.T brings them all on one platform and you are rewarded for participating in same.

Social Impact

Generating and sharing funds with teams engaged in social endeavors for child, environmental, terminally ill etc, is one of the core objective of HD.T. We enable such connect and social impact with easy and transparent practices. You get blessed for that!

Data hijacking

Today you cannot fight against numerous people who are selling your data openly (Google search "HNI data vendors"). With HD.T you have a great chance of making them irrelevant as You would like to be contacted ON the platform. Each contact on HD.T, Ads, feedbacks & analytics, generates revenues for you.


It's very simple, honestly. You trust us (don't you?) with your profile. We build deep & wide PAID analytics on top of your encrypted data for others to take decisions. They pay us and we share it handsomely with you. Thats it!

Nitty-gritty of it is that HD.T is a new-age Analytics platform that generates unlimited revenues for you with rich set of features. Few of the features are:

Deep Profile

HD.T develops deep and relevant profile as it creates true partnership with You by sharing revenues across all streams.

Such profile captures detailed data on locations, preferences, social accounts, buying behaviour & more.

  • Validated (partially) details
  • Rich attributes
  • Always refreshed
  • Always relevant

Flexi Product Ontology

This capability will kick-in once we get your retail-data on the platform.

HD.T implements a consumption Focused Flexi Product Ontology that is 360 degree universally flexible with rich attributes. This capability to capture any number of attributes for any category enables discovery of patterns, comparisons & most of the complex analytics.

  • Any product/service category
  • Customer/Consumption focused
  • Flexible attributes
  • Cross-references/indexes


Ads (by producers) make more sense and are sensible on HD.T as it benefits You-for whom ads are targeted.

SenseAds are driven by your consumption patterns and are linked to product/service ontology.

  • Non-intrusive
  • 100% relevant
  • Automated
  • Generate revenue


SmartInsights are a set of autonomous and self-learning algorithms that can be applied to any data set and subject.

It powers Product discovery, Deals Notifications, and News & alerts. In part it also aids SenseAds to be more affective and timely.

  • Autonomous
  • Self-learning
  • Automated Actionable-insights
  • Resource optimized

SenseSurvey Tool

HD.T is one-stop-shop for engaging with You. It brings unlimited number of Campaign-driven or simple-feedback surveys and get it delivered right into Your hands.

Standard metrics (open, read, responded etc), analyze responses, compare responses to conversions (as changes in customer's buying pattern).

  • Generate revenue
  • 100% configurable
  • Free Analytics on Survey Data
  • Private & confidential

Pattern Discovery*

Automated & à la carte discovery of patters can aid in discovering difficult-to-point causes for success & challenges.

Pattern Discovery is slated for II phase, that will aid product/service owners in applying learning/insights across geographies & stores.

  • Free discovery on Owned Data
  • *II Phase feature
  • Automated or ad-hoc
  • Actionable & replicable insight

Analytics & Data Consumer

Today allmost ALL organisations/teams are consuming your data without your knowledge and consent. We experience it EVERYDAY by SMS's, calls, email and mailers we receive from parties with whom we have never interacted. Some of these are

FMCG companies

Political Parties

Insurance Sellers

Direct Marketing


Real Estate Developers

Frequently Asked Questions

You must be curious about the platform. We get it. Following are some of the queries we come across in most interactions.

Why are you giving away 30% of equity to us?

Your data powers HD.T. We have built the platform and tools for surveys, analytics and other cool stuff along with investing in the infrastructure, but it requires your active participation. Thats why as a gesture of owner-partner of the platform we will allot minimum of 30% of equity to all the members registered till that date.

How much revenue will I get for my data?

Completeness and accuracy of the data provided by you will decide the attractiveness of it for the interested parties. When you register your profile you will quickly understand true power and capability of your data.

How will you generate revenue for us?

Market research, lead generation, feedback on competing products/services, election campaigns need qualified data. Today these are sourced illegally or from sources which cannot be trusted. HD.T provides such verified and validated data (yours) and all tools on one platform.

What is "GOOD" about it?

Creating a bigger social impact is key objective of HD.T. HD.T can help you support social causes through it's network. You can define a percent of your revenues for the purpose and HD.T would automate the process. You can suggest/identify any organisation for support as well.

Why HD.T is doing it and others are not?

Other organisations who currently have part of your data are generating funds by providing valuable services and features like search engines, ways to connect with others etc. HD.T is not providing such capabilities today. HD.T's only objective is to generate revenues for you. Other's cannot share revenues with you because their business model is different and equity is already owned by numerous investors. YOU are the owners on HD.T.

What stops HD.T from selling or misusing my data?

Because we are committing (in agreement ; EULA) to generate funds for you, it becomes illegal for us to share your data in ANY form with ANYONE.